Circlip pliers set, 150 mm, 4-piece

Item no.: 41405L
EAN: 4033592014236

1.5 mm tip

Information about the product


forged, chrome-plated, handles rough foam-insulated, 150 mm long.

  • Inner, straight, 27-3 mm
  • Inner, bent, 27-3 mm
  • Outer, straight, 4-29 mm
  • Outer, bent, 4-29 mm

Technical data

Number of tools 4
Diameter, blade point [mm] 1,5
Inner diameter 1 of [mm] 3
Inner diameter 1 to [mm] 27
for shaft diameter from [mm] 4
to shaft diameter [mm] 29
Pliers characteristics for external safety rings
Pliers characteristics for internal safety rings
Fork Position [degrees of angle]
Fork Position [degrees of angle] 90
Length [mm] 150
Tool handle material Plastic
Ausführung Griff Tauchbeschichtung
Quality Industrie / Profi
Packaging Roll-up Case
Weight [kg] 0.65100