Spreading tool, 7-piece

Item no.: 10305L
EAN: 4033592056366

Information about the product


with 2 exchangeable spreading inserts (5 and 8 mm deep) for different splay angles and guide bolt (8, 10 and 12 mm) e.g. for the shock-absorber seat on the wheel bearing housing during shock-absorber replacement, ball-and- socket joint seat at the wishbone/A-frame arm during removal of the suspension strut etc.
Slipping is almost impossible thanks to optimum fixing of the tool with bolts inserted into the screw holes. The spreader is pressed into the opening by means of a spindle with 13 mm exterior hexagon - there is no longer any need to use a hammer. This reduces the risk of material fatigue and failure - particularly in the case of aluminium steering parts.

Technical data

Number of tools 7
Length [mm] 200
Width [mm] 140
Height [mm] 40
Quality Premium
Weight [kg] 0.78500