Workshop mobile tool chest, equipped, 347-piece

Item no.: Z3705
EAN: 4033592125765

Information about the product


Tool chest with 7 drawers
(Description see article 07050L)

"Worker-Set" - 5 drawers equipped with a total of 347 tools in premium-quality, stored in foam modules.

Contains the following modules:

  • Z3010-1 - sockets, 171-piece
  • Z3010-2 - spanners, 24 pieces
  • Z3010-3 - pliers and screwdrivers, 12-piece
  • Z3010-4 - assorted bit set, 102-piece
  • Z3010-5 - general workshop set, 38-piece

Technical data

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Scope of delivery

Item no. variant Name Quantity
07050L - Workshop mobile tool chest 1
Z3010-1 - Tool assortment, Sockets 1/4“, 3/8“, 1/2“, with ratchets, 171-piece 1
Z3010-2 - Tool assortment, Combination and double-ring spanners, 24-pieces 1
Z3010-3 - Tool assortment, Pliers and screwdrivers, 12-pieces 1
Z3010-4 - Tool assortment, Bit-sockets 1/4" and 1/2", 102-pieces 1
Z3010-5 - Tool assortment, Car body tools, 38-pieces 1


Item no. variant Name
07051L - Set of single hooks
07052L - Set of double hook
07120L - Can holder
07121L - Paper roll holder
07122L - Dust bin