Engine → Diesel Injection

Thread repair and cleaning kit, Mercedes-Benz, 16-piece

Item no.: 03677L

EAN: 4033592132800

Adjustment tool for diesel pumps, 0-5 mm, 10 pieces

for adjusting the start of fuel delivery

Item no.: 26060L

EAN: 4033592022859

Return quantity tester, 31-piece

up to 6 cylinders engine

Item no.: 26110L

EAN: 4033592047302

Injector quantity tester, 7-piece

up to 6 cylinder engine

Item no.: 26078L

EAN: 4033592045940

Injector adapter set common rail, 24-piece

Item no.: 26079L

EAN: 4033592046206

Tester for diesel injector sockets

Item no.: 26091L

EAN: 4033592053020

Injector extraction tool set, 38-piece

hydraulically, with hydraulic cylinder

Item no.: 26124L

EAN: 4033592095501

Injector extraction tool set, universal

hydraulic, without hydraulic cylinder

Item no.: 26126L

EAN: 4033592095495

Adapter for Bosch injectors

without removing the electric drive unit

Item no.: 27000L

EAN: 4033592130349

Hydraulic cylinder, 20 t

Item no.: 26128L

EAN: 4033592095600

Hydraulic cylinder, 20t

mechanically driven

Item no.: 26129L

EAN: 4033592095617

Injector / Injector-extraction tool set, VAG

for TDI / SDI injectors and FSI injectors

Item no.: 26107L

EAN: 4033592063043

Injector extraction tool set

for engine 668 and 640

Item no.: 26150L

EAN: 4033592095556

Injector extraction tool set

especially for M47 and M57 engines

Item no.: 26148L

EAN: 4033592095532

Injector extraction tool set

for 1,3 l diesel engines

Item no.: 26149L

EAN: 4033592095549

Injector socket spanner set

Item no.: 03688L

EAN: 4033592077729

Spanner sockets, opened, 7-piece

for lambda probes, injectors, thermal switches

Item no.: 26045L

EAN: 4033592039840

Socket spanner bit

for oxygen sensors, injectors, thermoswitches

Item no.: 26045L-4

EAN: 4033592078573

Similar items
Item no. variant Name
26045L-4 - Socket spanner bit
26045L-3 - Socket spanner bit
26045L-6 - Socket spanner bit
26045L-5 - Socket spanner bit
26045L-7 - Socket spanner bit

Spanner socket, opened, 1/2", 22 mm

for lambda probes, injectors, thermal switches

Item no.: 26045L-1

EAN: 4033592078054

Similar items
Item no. variant Name
26045L-2 - Lambda sensor release tool
26045L-1 - Spanner socket, opened, 1/2", 22 mm

Assortment of injector removal tools, Mercedes-Benz, 8-piece

Item no.: 03686L

EAN: 4033592058810

Injector extraction fork

for Delphi injectors with piezo electronics.

Item no.: 26153L

EAN: 4033592095587

Special screwdriver bit set

Inner hexagon tamperproof, 10 mm

Item no.: 03663L

EAN: 4033592077675

Cleaning set for injector seat and shaft, 21-piece

Item no.: 03689L

EAN: 4033592079266

Injectors seal seat-cutter set, universal

Item no.: 03683L

EAN: 4033592052986

Injector seat cleaning set

Item no.: 03697L

EAN: 4033592095655

Brush set, 38-piece

ideal for cleaning the injector shaft

Item no.: 62330L

EAN: 4033592050326

Cleaning brush, steel, ø 9 mm

Item no.: 03664L

EAN: 4033592080101

Injector gasket puller, 7,2-9 mm

Item no.: 03684L

EAN: 4033592052993

Hydraulic coupling

Hydraulic coupling

Item no.: 26120L-1B

EAN: 4033592081900